Who Is JOAN?

JOAN is my eating disorder.
She is who I see over my shoulder whenever I look in the mirror.
JOAN whispers in my ear the things things she thinks I should believe about myself.

These things she whispers...they are LIES that I have believed for over 30 years
I am learning how to shut JOAN up...it is a process.
JOAN writes here regularly too. She hasn't ever submitted her own entry but she feels compelled to share her thoughts intermittently through mine. Anytime you see strike through font, you'll know it's JOAN

Because of JOAN I believe that I am a failure and do not deserve to succeed in life.
Because of JOAN I believe that I must be perfect; at work, at school, as a parent, spouse, friend...and if I am not I should not do or be any of those things.

I am learning to see Babs in the mirror

I apologize to anyone who holds Ms Crawford in high regard but when asked what I would see if I opened the door to my Eating Disorder...there was no mistaking her.
I should probably say my Eating Disorder is the character played by Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest...not JOAN, but JOAN is just easier
no funky acronym (although I did try) just JOAN...

It is my goal to have her work her way to lowercase letters...and then from the page altogether